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Enjoy the surrealistic tales of time and space travel with "Willoghby and the Professor." Don’t forget to check out the "true" (?) tales of "The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes." We also have new original parodies of some familiar oldies, "The Old Ranger", "The Silhouette", and "The Red Hornet" and many more!

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Willoughby and
the Professor

The Misadventures
of Sherlock Holmes

Old Time
Radio Parodies

This 12-part absurdist radio cartoon series follow the exploits of the pertanacious Professor and his perky partner as they pucker around the globe and across various world-line dimensions, trying to "cure the world of all its ills" while only succeeding in making the world worse and worse.

A ten-part series of original half-hour radio comedies. Listen and discover, among other things, that Watson was the intellectual and Holmes, the bungler... that Watson shot himself in both the arm and the leg at the same time by the same bullet while practicing yoga... and that "The Five Orange Pips" were mere what Holmes spat out when eating an orange.

Among the revisionist stories listeners hear are: an Existential Jack Benny bemoan his life to Jean Paul Sartre, a old, senile Lone Ranger go to work for corporate magnet: Tonto, and Orson Welles classic "War of the Worlds" reduced to local coverage of a water shortage.

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The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes:
The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour,
Season One

By Joe Bevilacqua, Daws Butler, Robert J. Cirasa
Voiced by Vernon Morris, Henry J. Quinn, Jan Meredith , Ed Hyland, Terry Price, Gwendolyn Lewis, B. H. Barry

Length: 4 hours
& 56 min.



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