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Alter Boy

Altered Boy

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Gary Bihler and Joe Bevilacqua
performing Abbott & Costello's
"Who's On First?" - Statler Hilton Hotel, August 1976

Mural painted by Joe Bevilacqua
on his bedroom wall, circa 1975
(notice poor Tweety's crushed head!)

Gary and Joe's take-off on
the Guinness Book of World Records

Joe as Linus in
"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," 1979
(who/what is his security blanket now?)

Joe (first in line with glasses)
in "The Bald Soprano" (1981).
Ionesco's absurdist play inspired Joe's future writings for "Willoughby and the Professor"

Joe as The Lone Ranger
at some strange political fundraiser (don't ask!)

Daws Butler & Joe
(Los Angeles, CA 1976)

Alison Nead as Oliver Hardy,
Joe as Stan Laurel, 1981
Joe as the butler is grilled
by the detective (Vernon Morris)
in the Off-Broadway production
of "Spider's Web"
(August 1983)

Joe with Ed Hyland and Terri Price in "Spider's Web"

Joe directing WBAI radio's
"The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes"
cast: Henry J. Quinn (Watson), Jan Meredith (Mrs. Husdon), Vernon Morris (Holmes), 1982

Daws Butler with his protege Joe Bevilacqua, December 1985


Joe teaching the art of voice acting to a class
at Manhattan's School of Visual Arts (1992)

Joe with Paul Salomone, jazz pianist and musical director
for WNYC's radio's "Willoughby and the Professor" (1992)

Joe directing jazz legend Cab Calloway
at WNYC's studio in New York (1992)

Joe and cast perform a rare live broadcast of "Willoughby"
at the West End Gate in New York City (1993)

Joe as Olive Oyl and Lorie Kellogg as Popey
(Playa Del Rey,CA - Halloween 1996)

Could this mean... (gulp!) marriage
for Popeye & Olive?
(Playa Del Rey,CA - Halloween 1996)

Looks Like IT!
(Kansas City, Dec.1997)

Joe Bevilacqua producing "Willoughby and the Professor"
in WNYC's studios in New York (1992)

Performing a cartoon show live
for ASIFA'S AniFest 1996: (left to right)
Joe Bevilacqua, Matt Hurwitz,
Corey Burton, June Foray, Lee Harris


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