A word or two about Joe Bevilacqua.

I have been his mentor during his 'important'
growing up years - the last six or so.

He wrote me via HANNA-BARBERA STUDIOS when he was
a kid in High School - planning and executing assembly
entertainments - special material and performances.

Even then, he had an advanced 'writer's' and
'actor's' sense. He and a buddy came up with parodies
on current Television Programs - succinct and with a
bite I thought to be beyond their creative years.

He sent me cartoons he had done. Cassettes with
his 'characterizations' .. which, at time, left much
to be desired - they were like castings with not enough
of the 'flash' removed! ... but we worked.

I recognized a rare commodity in Joe - 'Raw Talent.'
I find it occasionally but not often - It is a seedling
that with the proper nurturing can only grow.

I sent Joe monologues, dialogues, parodies - the
fruit of my work-shop curriculum. He would study them
and send back - on cassettes - his interpretations ..
which were above average -- instead of the obvious, run-
of-the-mill interpretations I sometimes experienced in
my work-shop -- Joe's showed insight and sophisticated

In our 'over-the-miles' relationship, I could
literally feel Joe's growth. He didn't stand still - he
rested on no laurels. I was miserly with my compliments.
When he got one, he knew it was deserved - he was made
to appreciate and work for a compliment.

This sounds like a PR release! It's just that for
the past seven years I have conducted a work-shop for
mostly professional actors and writers - who needed polish -
considered Joe to be a potential 'professional.'

I had to scrape off some of the 'flash.'

In College he has worked in production, stage-craft
- straight and chararacter acting - and expressed the desire
to 'know it all.' And to participate where he was needed -
sometimes in several categories.

His shaping and shading of words - his attention to
the orchestration of whatever piece he is performing has come
to an enrichment of viable, believeable expression.

I think Joe is good. Now he needs work and experience -
a chance to show the fruits of his study.

He has energy and sensitivity and drive - and he is
aware of the 'word' and its power.

What more can I say? I wouldn't bet him to Place or
Show - but to Win.


Daws Butler



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