The Great Ones

Comedy is our life and we would like to share our favorites with you. Listed are performers from yesteryear to the performers of tomorrow. 



We will begin with links on the web,
but check back here soon for comedy films we recommend,
articles about the great comedians, and more!

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Our Favorite Comedy Links:

Silent Films

Buster Keaton - the greatest comedian who ever lived
Charlie Chaplin - the Little Tramp lives on
Harold Lloyd - one of the pioneers of modern feature-length comedy
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle - rediscover this funny man whose tragic life cut his career short
Charlie Chase - another worthwhile comedian in the Roach Studio
Laurel and Hardy - if you have never seen their silent films, you are missing some of their best work
Silent Movies - a comprehensive general site

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The Talkies

Laurel and Hardy - two man, one thought; timeless humor and check out
Our Gang Comedies - no cutesy kids here, just great comedy
Popeye the Sailor - from Thimble Theater comics strips to Max Fleischer's black & white classics; Jack Mercer was a brilliant voice actor
The Marx Brothers - anarchy reigns supreme
W.C. Fields - "The Bank Dick" is one our favorite movies
The Three Stooges - cheap production values hamper their short subjects but they still are funny.
Abbott and Costello - their films are not among our favorites; they were always better than the material
Bob Hope - he never impressed us on radio or TV but his "Road" pictures with Bing are gems
Jerry Lewis - he's not for everyone, but we love his early 1960s films Python - Rare indeed: films as good as their TV shows
Zazu Pitts (1898-1963)- a star who'm Olive Oil's voice was taken from

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Old Time Radio

Fred Allen - no one seems to have done a site devoted to this great satirist; guess WE will have to!
Jack Benny - Comedy-O-Rama tribute page, and more!
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - great writing and characters that live on in our culture
Fibber McGee & Molly - great use of sound effects (the hall closet!) and good funny dialogue and another site

Abbott and Costello - some of Lou's best work was in this setting before a live audience; check out the text to their version of "Who's on First?"
Duffy's Tavern - "where the elite meet to eat"... no website for this great show either (?)
The Life of Riley - no website for William Bendix in one of the first sitcoms ever?
Guess we need to do this one too!
Fannie Brice- Our very own tribute page.
Groucho Marx - a great wit even without his brothers
Amos and Andy - considered racist today, the early incarnation of this show was classic human comedy
Bing Crosby - sing sming! give us his comic timing; Bing Crosby also pioneered prerecorded shows
Daws Butler - the voice magician and a great man
Stan Freberg - often forgotten brilliant satirist whose heyday was the 1950s
Bob & Ray - classic radio comedy four decades after radio supposedly died
Old Time - our good friend Max Schmid is an expert in this field
The Goons - Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, and all their wacky Goons
Adventures in Cassettes - vintage radio tapes
Boston Pete's Old Time Radio Place - to buy sound
Radio Mystery Theater 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater - searchable by plots, actors, and writers

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Comedy Albums

California Albums - a great resource for Comedy "vinyl" LPs
Stan Freberg - often forgotten brilliant satirist whose heyday was the 1950s
Daws Butler - he wrote and performed in many of Stan Freberg's greatest recordings
Bob Newhart - his subtle style has been hip for five decades
Bill Cosby - hear the sounds of this naturally funny man
Nichols and May - before "The Graduate" and "The Bird Cage" they were the quintessential comedy couple... but no website seems to exist for them
Mel Brooks - stand up, actor, director, song writer, producer, script writer
Woody Allen - before he became the film genius, his stand-up comedy was refreshingly simple
Bill Dana - forgotten great; we have not found anything on the web about him yet
Lenny Bruce - the symbol of free speech in humor has no website devoted to him?
Mort Sahl - the great political satirist has been doing it since the 1950s and is still going strong
David Frye - his political satire of the early 70s has not been surpassed (but he has no website)
George Carlin - saying what you really think can be funny and enlightening
Shelly Berman- Not gone or forgotten, he is touring in 2004!
Tom Lehrer - singing songs of political incorrectness
Rodney Dangerfield - the man who made putting yourself down funny
Monty Python - yes, they even made funny albums
Firesign Theater - wild and wonderful, complex and ridiculous, the pioneers of the modern stereo comedy albums.
Cheech and Chong - drug culture subject matter not withstanding, one of the few comedy teams of the 70s who also helped pioneer the modern stereo comedy album
Dr. Demento - sharing his love of comedy with us all
Steve Martin - has gotten better with age; we love him in "LA Story"

Richard Pryor - strong stand up comedian
Shelly Berman- Not gone or forgotten, he is touring in 2004!

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Hal Roach - producer of Laurel & Hardy, Harold Loyd, Buster Keaton, he started it all!
Buster Keaton - he was also a great comedy director
Charlie Chaplin

Harold Lloyd - one of the pioneers of modern feature-length comedy
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle - rediscover this funny man whose tragic life cut his career short
Roberto Benigni - One of the few performers making great comedy in the 1990s, even with subtitles
Woody Allen - he makes intelligently funny films
Billy Wilder
Ernst Lubitz
Preston Stergus
Mel Brooks - from a writer for Sid Caesar to director of "The Producers," this is a funny man
Carl Reiner
Gene Wilder
Mike Nichols
Robert Altman
Tim Robbins
Blake Edwards
Jerry Lewis - he's not for everyone, but we love his early 1960s films
Max Fleischer
Chuck Jones - one of the great animation directors; the timing and design on the Road Runner alone was stunning
Bob Clampett
Tex Avery
Friz Freleng
John Kricfalusi - the man who brought creativity back to TV animation. Check out the Spumco website
Nick Parks - original and wonderful genius of the clay, especially "
Wallace & Gromit"
The Coen Brothers - modern independent wonders
Wes Anderson - an up and coming good guy
Steve Martin - has gotten better with age; we love him in "LA Story"

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Phil Silvers - the unappreciated funniest man in the history of TV
Groucho Marx - a great wit even without his brothers
Will Rogers - stage, radio, film -- this great humorists did it all
Stan Freberg - often forgotten brilliant satirist who's heyday was the 1950s
Roberto Benigni - One of the few performers making great comedy in the 1990s, even with subtitles
Daws Butler - the greatest cartoon voice actor ever (also go here!)(and for his Kellogg's characters)
Peter Sellers - not just a comic mimic but a great actor
Mort Sahl - was doing insightful political humor before it was fashionable
Jonathan Winters - brilliant but has never reached his potential
Jean Sheperd - one of the truly original humorists of the last half-century; we loved his WOR show in the 1970s
Madeline Kahn - a brilliant comedienne
Andy Kaufman - not a comedian, he insisted; he broke all the rules and changed the face of comedy
Harry Hill - a fine British comedian
Steve Martin - has gotten better with age; we love him in "LA Story"
Robin Williams - a great improvisational comic, surprises spring forth from his loins, we mean head. (In grade school Lorie would run around the house imitating him for an hour after Mork & Mindy.)
Bill Irwin - incredible mime; should have been the Harold Lloyd of the 90s
Steven Wright - a rare "quiet" comedian, refreshing
Harry Shearer - a independent satiric voice working in and out of the system
Billy Connolly - Scotland most successful comedian
Janeane Garofalo - an stand-up and actress who is refreshingly honest
Dennis Miller - a comic encyclopedia
Penn and Teller - if the Marx Bros. were magicians
Tracey Ullman - amazingly versatile comic actress
Christine Cavanaugh - the versatile cartoon voice actress
Nancy Cartwight - The voice of Bart Simpson
Billy Barty - One of the greatest Little People ever!
Martha Raye - what a mouth, what a talent
William Demarest - good bio page side kick, prat fall, he did it all
Betty Hutton - energy, talent and energy
Ann Sothern - another page - Masie Ravier and so much more
Eddie Bracken - radio (henry, henry aldrich), films and guest shots on tv
Owen Wilson - I fist saw him in one thing and then hea was in a bunch of good stuff
Shelly Berman- Not gone or forgotten, he is touring in 2004!

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You���ll Never Get Rich / The Phil Silver���s Show (Bilko) - find out why this was the funniest show of the 1950s
Admiral Broadway Review /Your Show of Shows / Caesar���s Hour - Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris, and the writers made some hilarious TV moments Buy Sid's Collection
Our Miss Brooks - why isn't Nick at Nite playing this timeless show?
Burn���s & Allen - they hit their stride on TV; George talking to the camera was revolutionary at that time
Jack Benny - his weekly show aired from 1932 (radio) to 1965 (TV) and this site
Abbott and Costello - we love their TV series the best; not to mention their hilarous live performances on the Colgate Comedy Hour
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - sharp comic timing, Bob Denver was brilliant as Maynard G. Krebs
I Love Lucy - the momma of all TV sitcom
Amos and Andy - considered racist today, the TV version was the first with an all black cast
The Honeymooners - Gleason's brilliant gem of a show, especially the 1955-56 season
Ernie Kovacs - TV as an art form died when we lost this genius

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The Andy Grffith Show - good character writing and Don Knotts' best work
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Flintstones - the first season was classic, but then it has been a slow decline in quality ever since
The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show - the wittiest cartoon show ever
Get Smart - Mel Brooks' and Buck Henry's often imitated spy spoof
Smothers Brothers - still funny after all these years
The Carol Burnet Show - this was the last great comedy sketch show
Green Acres - Eddie Alberts gem.
Car 54 Where Are You? - A classic TV show!

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Monty Python's Flying Circus - the wildest Britcom ever made, inspiring generations of comics to come
All In The Family - the first seasons were sharp, caustic and hilarious
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - finally a sitcom about a strong single woman
The Bob Newhart Show - Bob's first hit sitcom and still his best
The Odd Couple - we are in awe of brilliant timing of Jack Klugman and Tony Randall Fawlty Towers - the funniest Britcom ever made
M*A*S*H - better than the Altman film (if possible)
Saturday Night Live (1975-1980) - the classic years and still the best
Richard Pryor
- strong stand up comedian

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Taxi - the best sitcom of the 1980s; should have lasted twenty years
Soap - very funny goings-on
The Muppet Show - Jim Henson's funniest work
SCTV - consistantly funny parodies and characters
Pee-Wee's Playhouse - not really a kid's show, was it?
Cheers - a flawed by funny sitcom: Carla's character needed better development... Why didn't anbyone ever get drunk in that bar?

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1980s and onward

Kids in the Hall - Canada's inspired lunacy
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - the surprise of the 90s; brilliant comedy sketch work
Mr. Bean - Rowan Atkinson has made subtle slapstick fashionable again
Seinfeld - sometimes too mean-spirited but always the funny scripts on TV
The Simpsons - proof that animation can be intelligently written and very funny; why aren't there more cartoons this good?
Third Rock from the Sun - John Lithgow look like he is having a ball
The Drew Carey Show - nice to see a sitcom in the late 90s that is NOT about "eye candy"
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - where 60% if the youth get there news? Well it nakes watching the news easlier to swallow. GREAT political satire! We love Jon!


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Other Comedy (and Cartoons!) Sites


Animation and Cartoon Heaven - a great online mag for us cartoon buffs
Oh Yeah! Cartoons - find out what great new cartoons NickToons is doing!
Calvin and Hobbes
- Bill Waterson's charming and thoughful comic strip
Cartoon Alley - funny and clean comics of all shorts
Comedyzine - hilarious humor mag
Vintage Vaudville - vintage comedy history and a rare RealAudio sounds - the year-round, gag central of the web
Greg Dean's College of Comedy Knowledge - everything you ever wanted to know about stand-up comedy but didn't know where to ask
The World of the Insane - just what is says
A Very Funny Place... REALLY! - a good comedy website
The Funny Firm - comedy for use by radio personalities, writers, and public speakers UK Laughter Links - a great source for British comedy sites
Friday Night Improvs - live from Pittsburg!
Comedy Central - too many reruns, but Dr. Katz is worth the cable bill
Laughing Matters - funny comedy troupe
Soundbites - news, satire & comedy in RealAudio
Radio Theater - a resource for contemporary and classic radio theater.
Animation Nerd's Paradise - everything about the world of animated cartoons and more
Animation World Magazine - a good resource
The Toon Tracker- home of the lost cartoons
Davey and Goliath - not just a religious story, but good stop-motion animation with a good, unpredictable story
The Corporation - "satirical humor in a conglomerate vein"
Warner Bros. - at their best
Hanna Barbera - more to enjoy
Hanna Barbera Studio
Like TV - Classic TV Site

Modern Television - Interesting links and articles
Censored Cartoon Page
Toon Tracker Video Page & Top Sites ont eh web
Distinguished Women of Past and Present - Stage and Screen

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Humor Writers


William Shakespeare - why not start with the greatest comedy writer who ever lived
Robert Benchley - one of the great humorists of our century
Larry Gelbert
Steve Martin - has gotten better with age; we love him in "LA Story"



Pun of the Day,

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