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      Allen's Alley

Vaudeville Promo shot Vaudeville Promo shot Vaudeville Promo shot Vaudeville Promo shot

Vaudeville Promo shot Highschool basketball team
(fourth form left)
James Henry Sullivan
and his sons
John Florence Sullivan
(age 4) with younger
brother Bob

Vaudeville Ad Fred shows his distain
of timeworn Joe Miller jokes told by old vaudvillians on radio

John Florence Sullivan
with younger
brother Bob
Fred giving Thanks?

Fred and Jack Benny Fred and Jack Benny
"Love Thy Neighbor"
Feature Film
Portland Fred and Portland
in Florida

Fred and Portland Fred and Portland Fred and Portland
in the 1930s
Fred and Portland


 Show Ad
(small only)
Fred and Portland Mason
daughter of James Mason

 Fred (small only)      
       Joke graveyard

  Portland Hoffa, young

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