COMEDY-O-RAMA (COR-TV) is a imaginative free-wheeling, television show, filled with puppets and imaginative animation designed to bring families together to... laugh!

Based on the on-going weekly radio hit (airing five times a week on XM Satellite Radio's Sonic Theater Channel 163), each half-hour of the TV series is like four shows in one, with hilarious and adorable reoccurring characters, such as WILLOUGHBY AND THE PROFESSOR, THE MISADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, and CAMP WATERLOGG. In addition, each show features a new UNCLE DUNKLE AND DONNIE FABLE, written and PERFORMED by the late Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear and many more classic Hanna Barbera characters. These rare recordings have never been broadcast.


We see Stinky sneaking thru Winterland
as Chippy the Chipmonk
sings about the melting ice.

All segments include children characters interacting with adults, learning about the world and how we all fit in it. In addition, the stories are designed to spark the imagination and creativity of children of ALL ages!

The thousands of characters of COMEDY-O-RAMA emerged nearly fully formed out of the creative mind of JOE BEVILACQUA, who has been voicing the majority of them for his weekly radio show since 1979. But, it all began in his room in 1971, when his father bought him a cassette recorder and the 12-year old voiced his first WILLOUGHBY AND THE PROFESSOR "radio cartoon".

Now, 30-years later, BEVILACQUA is bringing these charming characters to television.

"TV is so angry and aggressive today. I don't think it is good for anyone. All I want to do is make people laugh in 2006 the way my family did at 'THE MUPPET SHOW' in 1976," says Bevilacqua.

BEVILACQUA is a veteran award-winning NPR corespondent, radio theater producer, book author ("DAWS BUTLER: CHARACTERS ACTOR"), educator and voice actor, who studied under MEL BLANC and DAWS BUTLER, the latter becoming his life-long mentor. In 2001, BEVILACQUA was awarded BEST RADIO DOCUMENTARY by the NEW YORK FESTIVALS for "Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy of a First Lady".

In 2006, JOE BEVILACQUA teamed with KARAVIDA TELEVISION, as one of the hosts of the "I-ON" public affairs television series.

COMEDY-O-RAMA is co-produced by Lorie Kellogg, who just happens to be Bevilacqua's beautiful and talented wife. KELLOGG is a CalArts graduate and visual and performing artist, who has worked with such greats as GRAHAM NASH, who has dubbed her "a combination of Mother Hen and Albert Einstein". Additional performance experience came in 1995 when Lorie worked with DIAVOLO DANCE THEATER at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland. Not only does Lorie co-write and direct COMEDY-O-RAMA, she also provides the ANIMATION and VOICES for many of the characters.

Take a Splash With Us!

As with the radio show COMEDY-O-RAMA TELEVISION will be visited by celebrity guest stars such as AL FRANKEN, SHELLEY BERMAN, NORM CROSBY and LEWIS BLACK. Other voices include those of "Liquid Comedy": a comedy troupe Bevilacqua formed in 1978 while in college, with Kenny Savoy, Jim Folly and Tom Giannazzo.

COT-TV takes place at CAMP WATERLOGG, which is based on the REAL place BEVILACQUA and KELLOGG live! Each week, with the flip of a carnival wheel, the COR-TV announcer (BEVILACQUA) chooses the segments of a 30-minute joyful musical comedy roller coaster ride, based on a simple theme (for example: water).


Segment #1: CAMP WATERLOGG, part one: "Stinky in Winterland"
Segment #2: UNCLE DUNKLE: "Punky Possum's Mud-bath"
Segment #3: WILLOUGHBY AND THE PROFESSOR": "It's Raining Roaches!"
Segment #4: CAMP WATERLOGG, part two: "Stinky in Winterland"


STINKY, 7-year old boy, likes to sleep in the latrine
SQUEAKY, 7-year old girl, clever friend of Stinky
THE LIL ORPHAN BOY, 8-year old foreign boy looking for a "daddy"
LIL JIMMY, tough little 7-year old, gets into trouble
SGT. LEFT, a one armed Camp Counselor
ELLS THE BOAT-KEEPER, afraid of boats!
CHEF RON, the love-lorn cook (love those Spanish Dumplings!)
OLIVE PITTS, Arts and Crafts instructor
THE BABY OF THE WOODS, a magical talking baby that shares the love nature
WILLOUGHBY. 12-year old boy, ingenious assistant to The Professor
THE PROFESSOR, good-hearted but foolish scientist trying to "cure the world of all its ills"
UNCLE DUNKLE, great storyteller (voiced by DAWS BUTLER!)
DONNIE, Dunkle's 8-year old nephew (voiced by DAWS BUTLER!)
AUNT RAPUNZEL, Donnie's cooky aunt who bakes funny deserts, like MUSTARD FUDGE!

The many animals, trees, flowers and fairies of the Napanoch forest


COMEDY-O-RAMA is a Waterlogg Production, distributed by Karavida Television.

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